For quick answers to a variety of questions, check our Frequently Asked Questions.

Who are Kanchi?

Kanchi is a non-profit organisation that works to change thinking on disability. Kanchi positively promotes the ability of every person with a disability and challenges traditional stereotypes through innovation initiatives aimed at a wide range of stakeholders

What is the Kanchi Network?

The Kanchi Network is the business membership network committed to creating inclusive business through the disability business case.

The Kanchi Network will provide a forum for organisations to network and benefit from knowledge, tools, consulting and training provided by Kanchi and its partnerships with disability and business experts.

What is the purpose of the Kanchi Network?

To create a leadership group of companies in Ireland that will revolutionise the relationship between business and disability so that people with disabilities will be recognised and valued as consumers, talent, suppliers and members of the community

What are the benefits of being a member of the Kanchi Network?

By joining the Kanchi Network members will have access to Networking, Knowledge, Tools, Consulting, Training and Reward (the Kanchi Standard).

What are the costs for a company to become a member?

There are three types of company membership.

Company Size Price
Small 1-11 employees €300 + VAT
Medium 11-100 employees €800 + VAT
Large 100+ employees €2,000 + VAT

Who can join the Kanchi Network?

All organisations, of all sizes, from all industries, can join the Kanchi Network.

Does membership relate to an individual or is it company wide?

When you join the Kanchi Network, you are permitted to invite a group of your organisation’s employees to the bi-monthly meetings.  Your organisation will have access to the Members-Only area of the Kanchi Network website, where you can share publications, communications amongst your colleagues and fellow network members.

When do Kanchi Network members meet?

Kanchi Network members will be invited to attend bi-monthly Kanchi Network events hosted by the Kanchi Network Founding Champions.  5 events took place in 2011;  McDonalds in April, Abbott in June,  John Sisk & Son Ltd in September, Deloitte in October and Citi in December.

Am I allowed to invite visitors to the Kanchi Network Events?

Most definitely.  We encourage Kanchi Members to spread the word and invite guests to our events.  However, a guest may only attend one meeting.

Who should I contact with further questions?

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Kanchi Network Manager, Claire O’Callaghan on +353 (0)1 634 0018 or at [email protected]