What is a Disability?

What do you consider to be a disability?

When you ask someone what he or she considers to be a disability, the usual response is a physical or mental disability. However, there are a number of disabilities that are less obvious; dyslexia, depression, diabetes. Your co-worker could have a hidden disability and you might not know.
Having a disability does not always impact on your work or social life. However, on occasion, a person with a disability may require an accommodation to perform as efficiently as possible. This should always be considered on a case-by-case basis as diversity exists even within a single form of disability.

A disability may be:
• Physical e.g. amputee
• Sensory e.g. hearing impairment
• Learning e.g. Down Syndrome
• Mental Health related e.g. depression
• Hidden disability e.g. diabetes, dyslexia