Kanchi Ability Benchmark

The Kanchi Ability Benchmark has been developed against the background of both the Kanchi Ability Awards and the increasing demand from businesses to have a recognised Standard to which they could strive to achieve.

Kanchi launched the Ability Awards in 2004; these Awards are designed to recognise and reward organisations, in all sectors of business –  both large and small as well as public and private – that strive to meet the needs of people with disabilities as employees or consumers.  The Ability Awards winners demonstrate and promote a range of best practices in employing people with disabilities, in designing products and services for customers with disabilities and in the provison of built environment accessibility for all.

Since the inception of the Ability Awards, Kanchi has developed a network of ‘ability confident’ organisations proving what can be achieved in all sectors of business and providing replicable examples of best practice.

The Kanchi Ability Benchmark development objectives

•        Include main stakeholders; employees, customers, shareholders & community

•        Ensure that targets set are challenging

•        Suit all types and sizes of organisations

•        Be based on best practice

•        Be rigorous whilst not being prescriptive

•        Be comprehensive, yet simple to use

•        Add value to the organisation

Kanchi created the Kanchi Standard by harnessing both international best practice and the various best practices  demonstrated throughout the Ability Awards process.  Kanchi has also invested in research, consultation, development and testing with key national and international business players as well as people with disabilities to ensure that the Kanchi Standard is designed to recognise best practice.

The Kanchi Standard provides an organisation with firstly, a strategic management tool which can be used to measure performance in relation to ways in which the inclusion of people with disabilities impacts on business; secondly, the tool assists in developing and implementing action plans that will drive real economic development and business improvements.

The Kanchi Standard is divided into four elements as follows:

1.       Leadership

2.       Human Resource Management

3.       Customer Focus

4.       Built Environment Accessibility

The Kanchi Standard provides a structured framework so that an organisation may compare with current best practice.

The Kanchi Standard will be launched later this year!