“Disability is hugely important to me personally and to McDonald’s as a company. We employ a large number of disabled people and we serve a large number of disabled people with the number of restaurants we have, everyday we have disabled people coming into our restaurants. So this gives us a huge opportunity but also [...]

John Atherton, McDonalds Restaurants of Ireland


Telefónica O2 Ireland

“Why O2 have been involved in the Ability Awards and in the Kanchi Network and why we care about disability is because we do believe inclusion is absolutely critical to the success of any business. A business, particularly if it’s in the consumer services market place, has to service and meet the needs of all [...]

Danuta Gray, Telefonica O2


John Sisk & Son Ltd

“We got involved in Kanchi as well as my own involvement started when I did ‘Dialogue in the Dark’ and I found it fascinating. And on that day I met Caroline and there is no doubt that for things to be successful and all that you need really motivational, inspirational people and Caroline is all [...]

Tom Costello, John Sisk & Son Ltd



“Diversity is very important to us as an organisation, we’ve done quite a lot of work to embrace every element of diversity. But over the past number of years we saw the importance of including disability within that category. We’ve had the opportunity to work with Kanchi and we’ve had the opportunity also to work [...]

Ger Cronin, Abbott Group


Irish Times

“We’ve been involved with Kanchi since its foundation and we are delighted to support Caroline and Kanchi through this next phase. From a newspaper point of view we are trying to raise the awareness of disability, not just as a health issue really, as an issue for business to deal with and to raise the [...]

Liam Kavanagh, Irish Times



“For us at Diageo disability is important and fits under a broader umbrella in terms of diversity and inclusion. One of our five values is valuing each other and the premise behind that is to really make sure that we fully value and tap into the talents and the skills and the genius of all [...]

John Kennedy, Diageo


Marks and Spencer

“Disability is such and important subject for us at Marks and Spencer. Two reasons for that, one is that clearly we are a service industry and we serve a huge proportion of the population and we have to make sure that we have the facilities to allow these people to come into our stores and [...]

Jonathon Smith, Marks and Spencer


Aura Holohan Leisure Group

“In our experience there were two key areas; one was the area of identifying talent and being able to grow talent. Certainly since we’ve become aware of the disability business case we’ve recruited and identified amazing talent we’ve developed through our business and now have taken over key positions, we would have missed that opportunity [...]

Gar Holohan, Aura Holohan Leisure Group